A full-fledged Transport department functions in the college with buses to provide transport facility to students and staff from various places. This service is offered ensuring a hassle-free and safe transportation.

The college runs buses for providing transport facility to students from various places in the city.

Route 1.
Piska More

Route 6.
Kanta Toli Chowk

Route 11.
Kathal More

Route 16.
College Campus

Route 2.
Ratu Road

Route 7.
Bahu Bazar Chowk

Route 12.
Piska More

Route 3.
Karam Toli Chowk

Route 8.
Sujata Chowk

Route 13.
Kathi Tand

Route 4.
Jail More

Route 9.
Birsa Chowk

Route 14.

Route 5.
Lalpur Chowk

Route 10.
Argora Chowk

Route 15.